Standard Party Package

Head Over Heels
4701 Doyle Street
Emeryville, CA




Sa Su

Party Duration

2 hours

Age Range

4 - 16 years

Max Capacity

10 people

Good For

Girls & Boys


Birthday Parties
Fantastic fun for your child, a piece of cake for you! We have 20,000 square feet of kid-proofed gym adventures waiting for your next big day. You sit, they play, and everyone enjoys a break from the usual party planning with our choice of two packages and two gym spaces based on your best fit.

Trampolines, ropes, and balance beams—whether your child and their guests are brand new to gymnastics or already champion athletes, we have coaches at each party to make sure all the bouncing, balancing, and tumbling are safe and enjoyable.

Your birthday bunch gets 1 hour and 30 minutes play time on the gym floor, followed by 30 minutes for celebrations. We do ask that all parties provide their own food and beverages, and you are welcome to bring your own party supplies. Our staff will do the set-up and clean up for you.